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Dr. Hanson grew up in Wisconsin, where he loved to compete in sports. He went to Waunakee High School, where he played on the varsity soccer team for 3 years and the varsity wrestling team for 4 years, earning him All-State status. Along with the All-State status, came the “All-State” injuries, which introduced him to the benefit of chiropractic care for athletes.

Dr. Hanson is now the clinic director at Hands-On Health Care and Chiropractic, where he utilizes evidence-based care and the latest cutting-edge therapies to treat the whole person, not just their complaints. His goal is to get you back to doing what you love and then prevent the problem from happening again.

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Dr. Hanson went on to study Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He continued to wrestle and treat with the team’s chiropractor, beginning a mentorship that resulted in Dr. Hanson deciding to pursue a career in Chiropractic.

Dr. Hanson graduated with Honors (Magna Cum Laude) from Palmer College of Chiropractic, while being an active member of multiple advanced technique clubs. He has also received additional training in Flexion-Distraction Technique, SOT Technique, Activator Technique, and Pettibon Technique.

Dr. Shawn, as most patients call him, lives and works in Tarpon Springs. He is active in multiple professional associations, as well as a volunteer for many local and community groups. When he is not in the office, you can find him boating on Lake Tarpon, spending time with his dogs or cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers during college football season.


Dr. Shawn Hanson


Dr. Theresa Pham

Dr. Theresa Pham

Dr. Pham is a first generation Asian-American of Vietnamese and Cambodian descent. She grew up in Colorado, where her parents made a name for themselves in the restaurant business. During her parents’ journey to the United States, they endured many physical hardships as well as throughout their time in the restaurant industry. This led Dr. Pham to pursue a career in the healthcare field.

Witnessing the minimal impact on her parents’ health from traditional allopathic medicine, Theresa found herself searching for alternative methods of pain relief to try and help her parents. She tapped into the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices that were passed down from her family’s past generations and later found her passion in the conservative and holistic nature of Chiropractic Medicine. She carried and maintained those TCM practices throughout her chiropractic and acupuncture education.

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Today, she incorporates both Eastern and Western Medicines, offering a comprehensive approach to holistic healthcare for her patients. Dr. Pham goal is to treat conditions at the source using evidence-based care to prevent them from recurring. 

Dr. Pham studied Health Sciences at the University of South Florida and went  onto graduate from National University of Health Sciences as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine is Board Certified in Acupuncture. 

She is currently active in multiple professional associations and enjoys participating in outreach initiatives. When not in the office, you can find her paddleboarding or fishing on the Florida waters or spending time with her ferrets. 

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Shawn Hanson is an incredible chiropractor, he works on my who family. He and his staff are caring, personable, and professional. Most importantly they will help get you back on your feet. They have treated me after two debilitating car accidents and got me back on my feet. I highly recommend them!


I never experienced any pain in my neck until now and my husband convinced me to go to see Dr. Shawn and OMG! I feel perfect only after two sessions. Dr Shawn super professional and really care about your health. Highly recommend it.

Glenda M

Hands on Health Care is one of the best chiropractic offices in the Pinellas area. The doctors are very knowledgeable and the staff is amazing. They will treat you like a family member! Highly recommend this practice!

Jesse S

Hands down the absolute best chiropractic office I have ever been to! No pun intended. From staff to the doctors, they’re all so sweet, amazing, caring and strive to go above and beyond! I don’t see myself ever going to another place again if I can help it! Thank you Dr. Shawn, Dr. Tello and staff! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Angel J

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