Do you suffer from inflammation caused by sports injuries or fibromyalgia? Class IV laser therapy could provide you relief. Keep reading to know more about how you can benefit from this non-invasive procedure.

What Is Class IV Laser Therapy?

Class IV laser therapy is a procedure that uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate tissue regeneration. Class IV laser therapy allows the patient to feel some warmth during the treatment, since the laser is extremely efficient at reaching the nerve, muscle, or tissue, or ligament.

This painless and non-invasive procedure is used on patients to reduce pain, inflammations, spasms and increase the functionality of the affected region.

Major Uses for Class IV Laser Therapy

Class IV laser therapy is widely used to treat minor injuries or sprains as a part of physical therapy and sports medicine. It can reduce all kinds of swelling caused by ligament sprains, muscle strains, tennis elbow, neck pain, and muscle spasms. It promotes quick healing of soft tissues and joints.

Dentists use it to heal mouth ulcers, and doctors deploy it to treat inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis (RA). With class IV laser therapy, conditions like fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated.

It is also used for skin rejuvenation by dermatologists to treat acne scars, burns, vitiligo, edema, dermatitis, and other skin conditions. For patients uncomfortable with needles, acupuncturists use these low-level laser beams as substitutes to stimulate their acupoints.

Benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy

While it may take close to a month to gauge the procedure’s effectiveness, class IV laser therapy has numerous benefits.

One of its significant advantages is that it’s an entirely non-invasive procedure, meaning that it does not require a surgical incision. This essentially means that the patient does not need an extended healing/waiting time to recover post-therapy.

Moreover, class IV laser therapy does not require you to take any medications, which significantly reduces the risks of side effects compared to other procedures. As long as your specialist uses it appropriately, there is little risk of harmful effects.

Class IV laser therapy is a worthy substitute for nerve-wracking surgeries and offers a harmless alternative to analgesic medications with unwanted side effects. Moreover, given the time and adequate sessions, it is a convenient treatment plan with more than 90% efficiency.

When to Avoid Class IV Laser Therapy?

Although class IV laser therapy is highly effective and safe, we don’t recommend using it to treat cancerous lesions, thyroid tissues, and issues relating to your eye. Pregnant women should also avoid class IV laser therapy as its effects on unborn children are still unknown.

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